To the editor:

I would like to encourage the citizens of Jefferson County to get involved and take an active role in shaping the future of Jefferson County.

I make the same call of you that was made of me: The Vision and Action Planning Committee (Envision Jefferson County) is calling for citizens to get involved and be part of a collaborative citizen driven plan to move our county forward by increasing the quality of life for current citizens and future citizens of a thriving and vibrant Jefferson County!

We all come to the table with different backgrounds, experiences, and needs. I am excited to be part of a process that is inclusive, encourages healthy and positive debate, and is tasked with helping shape a vision that reflects the diverse citizen base of Jefferson County and developing a plan of action to achieve that vision.

Our success as a community is dependent upon you taking action and letting your voice be heard during this process. Changes are coming in Jefferson County and it is critical that we shape our future together!

To find out more information go to or visit our Facebook page at You will find a wealth of information about the committee members, the process, meeting dates and times.

I look forward to hearing about your ideas and thoughts as we develop a more current community vision for Jefferson County. A community vision born of the special talents of our citizens, and local understanding and local experience, played in concert with the combined expertise of specialists who have studied our particular situation, our placement within the state; where we live, play and work.

Brandon G. Taylor

Envision Jefferson County

committee member