To the editor:

On June 21, the Ohio River Sweep celebrated 25 years of cleaning the shores of the City of Madison and other Jefferson County riverbanks. This quarter of a century effort could not have been possible without the leadership and organizational skills of the site director Stephanie Hellmann.

She has been a tireless campaigner on a mission to clean the shores of the mighty Ohio River. Over the years despite the conditions, she and her loyal assistants have persevered passing out gloves, bags, t-shirts, and those wonderful donuts to entice both young and old to help in this worthwhile effort.

The obvious outcome is a clean riverfront but the educational lessons of community pride and helping others may far out weigh the immediate impact.

Through the years many Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts have participated and now they are bringing their offspring to assist in this noble effort. From someone who is only a summer resident of Jefferson County, I only wish that there were more Stephanie Hellmanns in the world.

Steve Meyer