Letter to the Editor:

I would like to say something regarding the dismissal of charges against Larry Fox, and the situation pertaining to Grandview Memorial Gardens.

Many years back, a judge in Greensburg was given the opportunity to decide who legally owned Grandview.That was 2006, and we are still waiting.

That seems to be the object of the game when it comes to Grandview and consumer rights regarding funeral and cemetery law in Indiana.

Some people are not thinking about money when they are grieving over lost loved ones.

There are those in the funeral business who will serve you well, but there are some who will not give you that extra assurance you paid for, and pocket your money. After all, it is a buried secret.

Who will protect you from this type of theft? Certainly not the attorney general of Indiana, He is your consumer advocate, but he's way too busy worrying about you being bothered at supper time by unsolicited phone calls, or blowing smoke your way regarding why it is legal to rip you off at the gas pump.

Then we have Mr. Fox, brought back to Indiana to stand trial on the charges of improper use of trust funds. The case was moved to Monroe County.

The case died with the excuse it was too old to be tried. Did the judge not want to make a decision, or did he feel he could not make a decision? Or was it something else?

On the positive side, one shining star stands out of this mess.

Former State Rep. Dave saw to it that laws were created to keep this from ever happening again. His efforts are for the greater good and will save much suffering.

Yes, much was accomplished with the first class-action suit. We are still awaiting the results of the second. Many suits have come and gone and there have been many winners and many losers. But I can't say any of us feel we have won anything, for it has taken a lot of innocence with it.

The next time someone says what's happening with Grandview, you may understand when I say quite simply, nothing.

Marcia Taylor Smith