To the editor:

Once again I find it necessary to write concerning Madison’s school situation. Our schools are our life-blood to future successes of our citizenry. Last year I voiced my opposition to 5th graders being in middle school as well as concern over teachers either leaving their profession or those being fired, and concern that successful principals were being replaced.

Nothing changed. It is still going on. What has to happen before our school board sees the truth, how bad does it have to get with our teachers leaving the school and community they love before this school board will take action?

I thought Michael Scott’s letter of January 25th would awaken our board, his revelations were quite disturbing. Did not last year’s loss of 24 teachers send a giant red flag to our board that something is terribly amiss?

I know some of the board members personally. I know many teachers personally. They are good people. I have spoken to both regarding the toxic atmosphere in this work environment. No one should have to work under the constant pressure of losing their job or fear retaliation and micro-management..

Mr. Yancey should keep his principal’s position. He has such a positive and commanding presence in our high school and the admiration of his students. Mrs. Demaree should remain as principal at Ryker’s Ridge School, she has an exemplary record. Lydia Middleton should still have their principal who brought the school’s rating to 4-star status. But Dr. Bolinger decided otherwise. And fifth graders should stay in elementary level schools.

Dr. Bolinger works for the board, the board works for me and the thousands of others who live in this county. We have been making our voices heard, in the paper, in demonstrations, at school board meetings, and petitions drafted to make changes. It’s time to get the order of rule straight. The school operates with government funding, and that is “we the people”. We are talking. Is anyone listening?

Deanna Shelley