To the editor:

Your editorial cartoon in Saturday's edition, about "Racism in America", I found intriguing.

You have the five "stalagmites" from the hidden iceberg fashioned to look like KKK hoods; three of the five are labeled with things people said either years ago, in a private conversation, or out of ignorance of what's politically correct now and what isn't.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the Trayvon Martin case; and "Stop and Frisk" has been shown to reduce crime rates by focusing on those who commit most violent crime in this country, i.e., blacks and Hispanics.

"Racism"? Or the news media trying to gin up another controversy? Of course they could have labeled the stalagmites "Knock-out game," or "Rants by Al and Jesse," or "Black on White crime." But that wouldn't have fit the officially approved dogma, would it?

Just remember: Yes, racism exists. And it comes in all colors -- not just white.

Wayne Engle