To the editor:

As I opened the editorial page of the August 6th Madison Courier, I was disgusted but not surprised to see a continuation of the news media's endless attacks upon the nefarious Republican Richard Nixon.

Forty years after the man's death, you reporters just won't let it go. The drumbeat of liberal buffoonery continues: Nixon, Watergate, Evil; Nixon, Watergate, Evil; Nixon, Watergate, Evil.

I'll lay it bare: It's unproven, but Nixon probably authorized the break in at the Democratic National Headquarters at Watergate. There is little doubt that he is responsible. Let's say he's guilty as charged.

Now let us compare Watergate to the actions of Nixon's peers. JFK and LBJ are responsible for the slaughter of 58,000 American troops in Vietnam, and perhaps 500,000 Vietnamese deaths, in a war that both JFK and LBJ knew could not be won. Isn't that monstrously more egregious than the break in at Watergate?

Nixon campaigned upon the promise that he would pull us out of the lunatic war in Vietnam, and he did.

Jimmy Carter himself, personally, scaled back the task force that was sent in to rescue hundreds of Americans held hostage at our embassy in Iran from a guaranteed-to-succeed force of 250 to a guaranteed-to-fail force of 90. How often does the Madison Courier publish reminders of that fiasco by a Democratic president?

Bay of Pigs? Monica slurp-slurp-slurp Lewinski? Tet Offensive? Why isn't the Madison Courier providing us with timely reminders of these Democratic embarrassments?

Colin Meyer