To the editor:

I want to express my displeasure at the City Council's move to raise our sanitation fee from the current $8 per month to $9.85 per month. This fee is for the pickup of recyclables and trash.

Since we are contracted with Madison Recycling, I can agree with something like a $5/month fee to cover the cost of that pickup. But I would like to suggest the council look into "pay as you go" for trash pickup.

I know of a place where the residents buy purple trash bags for $1 each ($7.50 for 10 for seniors at the Senior Citizens Center) and that is what the city picks up. That is the ONLY trash the city picks up. The city makes money on the bags. The rates of recycling have increased. It is a win/win situation.

I am very concerned that the headlines after each recent council meeting have concentrated on the EDP mess and this rate increase is being slipped by unnoticed. Do people realize what is happening? Not if they don't read past the first couple of paragraphs! I think we need to have more discussion on this matter, rather than simply raising the rates!

Let's do some research before we gouge the citizens for more money.

Stephanie Hellmann