To the editor:

I am writing in regards to the Madison Consolidated Schools e-Learning day. My daughter attends the junior high school, and I also have a nephew at the high school.

They both had problems logging onto some of their e-assignment web pages. Teachers were supposed to be available, but did not respond leaving our kids unable to finish their work.

Kids already have enough homework; this is just one more way of putting more on the parents and less on the teachers.

I am totally against e-learning days. I think it is great that the kids use the Internet, laptops, and tablets for education, I just think they should attend school. Kids need the day-to-day interaction with classmates and teachers.

We are already raising a generation that only knows a virtual social life and are lacking the communication skills necessary for day-to-day functions, not to mention the lack of preparation for life outside of school and in the workplace.

It's getting harder to find young people who have the common sense and basic life skills to go out and be able to get a job and support themselves. They are stuck in this virtual reality and when they get to the real world they are lost. We need to keep our kids in school and hold our teachers and school corporation accountable for their education, not send them home to do it online.

Jason Barnes