To the editor:

I grew up in Madison, but moved to Maryland in the 1960's. While visiting my sister here in Madison, we decided to clean up her yard. We generated lots of yard waste, which we piled up near Michigan Road. It was less than five minutes after we piled the first load when Madison Street Dept. employee Spanky (Jeremy Howard) showed up with his truck and picked it all up. We then generated a huge second load, and he was back again!

Besides doing a fantastic job, he was a most pleasant and engaging individual. A municipal employee doing such a great job needs to be recognized, and we thought that doing so in a public forum was a good way to do it,

We'd be remiss in not mentioning the ladies from the correctional facility who came right in front of him and trimmed the steep embankment to the ditch. They were also very pleasant, and did a job worthy of a landscaping company. It takes a lot of humanity to cheerfully do such a job while being in unfortunate circumstances. Folks like this make me proud to have been raised in Madison.

John, Jane and Dick VandeWater