To the editor:

Consolidated has no intrinsic meaning in our school system.  Your paper's editorial understated the term" odd series of events" and tough situation." I don't suppose many people object to the safety value of a crosswalk to McDonald's. I don't either.  Did the school board contact the McDonald's, and surrounding businesses prior to its action?  Shouldn't one of these entities have paid to install a crosswalk?

Does the school board make and publish an agenda that is widely distributed for the community to review? The last agenda I could pull up was 2010.  In this day with communication avenues, why wouldn't this information be available?

Was there a wide discussion of the ultimate educational value of taking food from the mouths of babes?  There was no cost savings

Before the board's action to eliminate breakfast for indigent students, did they explore outside the board's prerogatives, before making such a drastic decision?  Take a survey; the best time of most students day, is breakfast and lunch.  On this issue, raise my taxes!

 You cannot continue to leave these types of issues hanging without a discussion of morality.  Whoops, I mean morale for the troops.  We've cut our neighbors hours to save a few bucks.  The savings was not published that time as well.  I'd be surprised if we have a cafeteria worker to even serve the kids, or a track to run on, a gym floor play on, unlittered hallways, clean and safe classrooms; let alone, aides to assist our teachers.  Teachers will be required to do it all.  Maybe then they'll take control of their own destiny.  If not the teachers, maybe it's the parents and grandparents.

 Ultimately, this letter may be about raising taxes.  If you pinpoint the issue and then budget it while informing the community, I'm confident you'll get the necessary support.  Keep surprising everyone with non-educationally centered positions and decisions and we don't only lose our administrators and board members, we lose our kids.

Marc Gray