To the editor:

I'd like to respond, for the record, to a letter published in your Oct. 19 issue. Among other statements, the letter writer stated that a group known as the Advanced Collaboration Team (ACT) "is sanctioned by the City Council, County Council and town of Hanover."

I cannot speak for the County Council or the town of Hanover, but I know for a fact that the Madison City Council has never sanctioned ACT, nor have we ever been asked to do so.

On June 4, the City Council passed a resolution saying that we support the development of an inter local agreement dealing with economic development. At a subsequent meeting the council appointed Councilman Pete Backus to serve on an "inter local agreement committee." Since that time, no one has reported to the council any progress being made on developing an inter local agreement.

ACT is assuming authority it was never given. Please be assured that your elected city officials have not given any outside group authority to negotiate an economic development plan on behalf of the citizens of Madison.

Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight on this matter.

Laura Hodges

Madison City Council Member at Large