To the editor:

I am responding to The Madison Courier editorial of Jan. 25, which refers to the speech that Marta Belt, president of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce board, gave at the chamber's annual dinner on Jan. 23.

Her speech was right on. I am a member of the chamber and a small business owner in Madison. Belt's message is correct. Public officials not being able to agree on a plan for the Economic Development Partners will only cause us to slow down instead of making progress toward economic development.

Economic times are hard enough on all of us. We do not need to prolong inaction. Put personal agendas aside and do the jobs you have been elected to do and get things working.

I share her frustrations and encourage our leaders and our citizens to come to an understanding with something that will work. We do not need another outside opinion or another 501(3)c. We have had enough of that. Work with what we do have and do not drag the EDP plan out any further than we have already.

The EDP is extremely important to us all. We need improved progress and communication. I hope, "I am saying what I mean and meaning what I say," but, at least this is my attempt at getting my opinion out to the people, businesses and groups of elected officials.

Sharon L. Daghir