To the editor:

Thanks for the recent editorial against synthetic drugs. I also have seen recently briefs reminding people to wear sunscreen, not leave kids in hot cars, and other mundane matters.

Is this all the Courier can muster for a large editorial space? You give precious space to sunscreen and other pedestrian things but not a word against the number one health scourge in Indiana and the U.S. Tobacco addicts, sickens and kills - 53,000 deaths every year.

What's that? Four cities of Madison's size dead annually. Why not use your editorial bully pulpit for greater than usual purpose? Is it that you might make some people uncomfortable? Farmers who grow poison, retailers who sell poison, or users who self-poison?

Stop wasting print space and tackle important issues. People may not always agree with you, but you'll garner more respect by taking a considered, relevant, even ethical stance out of concern for this community.

David Karns