To the editor:

Who is Cam Savage? Mr. Savage said in his commentary published in The Madison Courier that Tony Bennett had been "vindicated" from mismanaging Indiana's Department of Education. In the same article, Mr. Savage attacks the reporting efforts of the Associated Press regarding Mr. Bennett's comments that he himself consented to record.

Also, Mr. Savage attacks Glenda Ritz for simply doing her job of trying to correct the mistakes of the previous administration.

I agree with Mr. Savage that Tony Bennett took bold steps to change education. Mr. Bennett redirected millions of public school dollars for selected charter schools and testing companies. Mr. Savage says that worked. I contend that it failed the taxpayers of Indiana.

Here's what we know about Mr. Savage:

• regional political director of the national Republican Senatorial Committee

• campaign manager for Dan Coats for Indiana

• campaign manager for Todd Rokita for Congress

• communications director for the Indiana Department of Education under Tony Bennett

• communications director for Mitch Daniels for Governor campaign

• chief of staff and campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Mike Sodrel

No one is naive enough to believe politics aren't in education. It is important to know who's talking and what their agenda is. I'll go on record that I support Glenda Ritz and her efforts to reinstate public school education in the state of Indiana.

Marc Gray