To the editor:

This letter is in response to the column by Tina Dupuy on Jan. 25. 

Sometimes it is prudent for rotten ignorance to be buried deep in the landfill of refuse so that its repugnant stench will be covered and forgotten.  And sometimes the stench is so odorous that the best course of action is to dig into the pile of dung and figure out why it stinks, so that it can be negated. 

It doesn't take much effort to find out that the mound of ideas espoused by Ms. Dupuy is so smelly  because it is missing one key ingredient. It is called the TRUTH.  Without its preservative effect, the whole mass of her opinions turns into a heap of rotting, convoluted assertions.

Ms. Dupuy makes so many false allegations it would be hard to deal with them all, but from what I can tell, the main thrust of her thesis is that anti-abortion minded people, and she lumps conservatives and Christians into that group, don't care about people once they are born.

Since she lambasts Jesus and Christians, let's use Christians in our community to discover if they really do or don't care for people after they are allowed to live.         

At the new location of the local pregnancy crisis center, Choices for Women, on Jefferson Street, they make sure that a pregnant woman can not only see her living baby in the womb, but that she receives counseling before and after the birth, along with baby supplies. Unfortunately they have been unable to stop the killing of 51 million babies since abortion became legal.

All the churches in our community regularly help the needy in many different ways and some now have joined forces to establish the Clearinghouse, located on Second Street, to distribute tons of food for those in want.

The Salvation Army provides cheap or free clothing along with meals and a dental clinic along with many other services. A local couple headed the drive to provide temporary housing for families in crisis.

Another Christian group, Habitat for Humanity, builds permanent houses for the lower economic families.

We have several families in our church who feel it is God's calling to take in foster children and even have adopted some of them to give them a permanent family for the rest of their lives.

Most hospitals were started by religious organizations.  Who do you think "The King" was that the Daughters' were following in the 1890?

The list could go on and on.  And these actions don't just happen here in our town but are multiplied by Christians in communities around our nation and world.

These groups and individuals are not looking for a pat on the back. They are just following Christ's command to "Love thy neighbor."  One of a woman's closest neighbors is her baby in the womb.  If the mother doesn't have enough love to protect her child, then we Christians feel it is our duty to help our most vulnerable neighbor.

Our ultimate goal is to help the survivor of this barbaric practice to come to know that a loving God cares about them even more than we do, and yes Ms. Dupuy, this includes you.

Ben Newell