To the editor:

The editorial of May 13 is right on target. It would seem to me that it is not scathing enough though. The state of Indiana over the past decade has sold off the responsibility of education.

Our testing woes are another manifestation of the state shirking its responsibility to its citizens. It wasn't that long ago you could go the Department of Education and hold somebody responsible for their actions. Now the work is outsourced to McGraw-Hill, earning $95 million to complete the task of testing incorrectly. That's three years incorrectly!

This is an instance when it would be nice to go to the Department of Education, find the person who's hired to administer testing, and replace them. Testing is one area that has come back to bite us.

I think that we've just seen the tip of the iceberg in Indiana. We have outsourced to cut budgets temporarily. To taxpayers it felt good this year. But, the amount of money it's going to take to repair the damages inflicted by this irresponsible decision-making regarding testing, and the redistribution of funding to our public schools in general, will ensure Indiana's poor performance educationally for decades.

Marc Gray