To the editor:

I want to thank the generous employees at Madison Precision Products and Arvin Sango. I am very privileged to be welcomed by businesses and organizations in the community to explain how important the United Way is to the 14 local agencies we support.

I ask the hard working people at those businesses to donate to the United Way in order to help us reach our goal of raising $360,000 to fund these agencies and the services they provide for the next year.

This year, the generosity of the employees at Madison Precision Products and Arvin Sango was absolutely amazing.  Madison Precision Products employees increased their contribution over last year's amount by $15,000, and Arvin Sango employees increased theirs by over $7,000. If you work for Madison Precision Products or Arvin Sango and participate in the payroll deduction for United Way, thank you!

I would also like to acknowledge all of our local businesses and citizens who continue to support the Jefferson County United Way through charitable contributions or payroll deduction. On behalf of myself, all 24 volunteer board members for the Jefferson County United Way, thank you!  You all are truly making a difference and investing in our wonderful community.

Jay Roney

2013-2014 Drive Chair

Jefferson County United Way