To the editor:

I am writing to thank the Hanover Fire Department, and especially Cory Thomas, for the amazing job he did with the presentation on Oct. 29, at Southwestern Elementary School.

My twins are in the pre-school program and had the honor of attending the fire presentation.  I also had the pleasure of watching the presentation. 

"Fireman Cory" (as my twins call him) had the students listening to his every word.  I truly believe, through his efforts, he saved lives with the presentation.  When my twins returned home, we counted and checked all the fire/smoke detectors  in our house, talked about what to do if a fire happens at our house, and what to do with our pets in case of a fire.

The Hanover Fire Department and all its members should be so proud of the outstanding job Cory did.  He is an excellent representative for the department.  

"Fireman Cory" was also assisted by John Grayson and Bonnie Henderson from the Hanover Department. 

I think the ultimate compliment for Cory Thomas had to come from my son who told us "When I grow up I want to be "Fireman Cory".  Way to go!

Morgan Hensley