To the editor:

I write in full agreement to Robin Henderson's letter of Dec. 24, 2013, "Thanks to the ACT team," describing the Advanced Collaboration Team's recent meeting where its inter-local agreement was finalized and from which a Community Development Council would be formed. This agreement is the product of duly elected public servants Debbie Kroger, Pete Backus, Larry Wynn and tax-paying constituents. ACT meetings were well advertised and open to all. They were well reported and taped for anyone to review. At the above meeting, public commentary was, again, sought and solicited and lively was the interaction amid ACT and audience. Allow me a brief aside to point out that with such obvious sincerity and 'flagrant' transparency no micro-speck of deception or false intention could possibly survive.

But, and of course, there was one voice, seemingly, with ulterior motive, shrilling the question of legal fees - ad infinitum -as if repetition, not substance, was of remarkable, revelatory and especial significance. His queries were answered respectfully. Mr. Wynn brought the interrogation to an end by declaring he would pay unexpected or unanticipated legal fees.

The questioner, not yet exhausted, then fired his final salvo: He who pays, owns it! Read that the person or persons paying the legal fees might dictate the course/and or direction of the agreement or the later-to-be-formed Community Development Council over other minds and views?

Briefly and bluntly: EDP/MIDCORP/JCIDC, etc., may co-exist alongside the CDC without rancor or animosity. There's room for all for now without opposition or resentment. No, it needn't be the one group or the other.

No group, document or other instrument is perfect and without flaw. Errors can be had and they can be corrected. The American taxpayer will embrace and support what she/he recognizes as the most effective and genuine article. No deception or repetition will prevent this.

William Warren