To the editor:

We the undersigned no longer feel we can sit idly on the side and watch as issues swallow the Madison Consolidated School Corporation and shake the reputation and fabric of a once successful and proud system.

We believe the divisive leadership under Superintendent Bolinger has created a hostile work environment that continues to cause numerous individuals from all areas of employment to feel threatened. Many have retired, resigned, were fired or have been reassigned as a result of her tenure.

We find the leadership style to be offensive and unacceptable. This community should not find the educational focus to be one of distrust and heavy-handedness. Instead, we feel a superintendent should be visible in the community, take an active role in community affairs and demonstrate a vested interest in the image of the system that should be positive and progressive while uniting the stakeholders.

We find the divisive leadership style, some actions that might be considered vindictive, and the community upheaval a disgrace to the long history of MCS.

We therefore respectfully ask the Board of School Trustees to take action to change the highest position of school leadership in the community. Immediately, before more great teachers, administrators, support personnel and students leave for a calmer and deservedly more caring educational organization, she must be forced to leave.

We also feel the Board of School Trustees was mislead about the subjective evaluation process of Mr. Kevin Yancey. Cloaked under the guise that they have information that cannot be shared makes the situation even graver. Mr. Yancey came to this corporation with glowing credentials from respected administrators in southern Indiana. During his tenure as a building principal, Madison Consolidated High School went from the state watch list to an “A” in a very short time frame. It is apparent that the community respects, trusts and admires their principal.

The superintendent’s handling of recent events involving Mr. Yancey has stained the reputation of MCS. This will lead to more families exiting our school system to surrounding districts. We respectfully ask the Board of School Trustees to reverse what seems to be a violation of policy, which by design, helps to keep these types of issues from occurring.

E. O. Muncie has been depicted as a hopeless mess that needs to be vacated immediately. Absolutely not true. While it needs major renovation, so does the choice of Anderson, a landlocked school with equal faults on Michigan Road. Architects and engineers may disagree as to the extent of renovation needs relating to both sites, but they do not dispute the superior location, egress and salvage ability of EOM. We also respectfully ask the board to reverse their former action of closing E. O. Muncie and to correct the mistake of making Anderson the hilltop elementary school.

We see the recent board decisions as the latest in a pattern of poor recommendations by superintendent Bolinger. Fresh eyes, a new positive attitude, and a new superintendent who is willing to be vested in this community will go a long way in reversing the negativity of a once respected school system.

• Michael R. Robinson – retired teacher, coach, elementary principal, junior high principal and Director of Operations

• Patrick A. Dryden - retired teacher, assistant principal and principal

• Carl Schaum – retired teacher, coach, program leader, assistant principal, former elected member of the Board of School Trustees and board president

• Larry Cummins – retired elementary principal, junior high principal, and business manager, MCS

• Nancy Bear – retired teacher, assistant principal and principal

• Jim Risk – retired teacher, program leader, assistant principal and principal

• Karlyn D. Lamb – retired teacher, assistant principal and principal