To the editor:

After reading the Judge Frazier story in your newspaper I am confused. Let's see if I understand the facts.

• When the Madison Police Department stops a young person, age 18-24, and they see drugs - marijuana, they always call the parents of this young person. I would like to see in print other examples that the MPD did this.

• When a parent shows up the police do not stop the parents from destroying the evidence - marijuana. Again, have the MPD provided examples when this was done?

I believe that Judge Frazier put herself above the law, the laws she is supposed to uphold.

Questions I would like answered are: Why she was allowed near the truck when the MPD had not bagged the evidence? Why was she allowed to destroy the marijuana, is this not a crime in itself?

Do we have "one rule of law" for judges and "one rule for everyone else."

Most people who read your story will disagree with the finding of senior prosecutor Barry Brown. I hope many people remember this story when Superior Court Judge Alison Frazier runs for office again.

Robert Fitzgerald