To the editor:

My friends know that I stopped writing letters to the Madison Courier several months ago. My view, apparently, does not reflect the Madison Courier's base of readers.

It is very apparent that the Madison Courier prefers to print out of town, out of county, and out-of-state points of views. I read your editorial publications, and I pay particular attention to our local citizen base. Frankly, the commentaries that originate across our state and across the nation do not properly address local issues. We are bombarded by state and national issues, whether we like or not, through other media.

I would love to respond on issues of education. I'm trying to understand them! The battle between our governor and the secretary of education is unprecedented.

If you decide to print this commentary, then I will further my point of view in a future commentary. Otherwise, I'll read the front page and the sports. Those are very newsworthy to me.

Marc Gray