To the editor:

I am tired of the terrible political cartoons in my paper about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court's decision to uphold their claim.

I want you to know that I am greatly offended by your publishing of untrue political cartoons that imply that Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court are against birth control - that was not the issue. The issue was Hobby Lobby is grateful to pay for birth control drugs but they will not pay for drugs that abort the baby from it's mother - they along with the Supreme Court are against killing babies.

Read their request - your cartoonist didn't that's for sure. Evil men kill babies - they did it in Moses' day, they did it in Jesus' day and they do it today. Someone asked God why God didn't cure cancer and God replied - I did but you had her aborted. I am ashamed of a paper that does not publish the truth - one more and I will not longer subscribe.

Gerald E. Roberts Sr.