To the editor:

With all due respect to Councilwoman Hodges and her opinion published in the Madison Courier on March 1,  I respectfully disagree.

Where in your job description are you now responsible for loaning and (forgiving) taxpayer dollars to "leverage" a few downtown revitalization projects? 

The "gem" we "show off" to prospective businesses and industry, and tourists, also includes the Elks building, the Cotton Mill, Clifty Plaza,  Williamson, and numerous empty storefronts on Main Street.   

Taxpayers and tax dollars should not be responsible or used for "revitalization" of private properties. 

If this is such a worthy cause, establish a fund and solicit donations. You are responsible for all of Madison. City services, infrastructure, fire and safety, and "quality of place" for all of Madison!  Why keep the money in the bank?  Some day, probably sooner than later, repairs to infrastructure will exceed budgets. Fiscal responsibility is often and apparently a difficult concept for many politicians.

I urge you to reject PACE.

John Branigan