To the editor:

I love the theater department at MCHS, and a new gym would be nice, and I know the schools need to be repaired.

But buildings an education does not make; teachers do. Our school system needs a lot of things. But mostly we need to address the trend of throwing good money after bad and the downtrend of our student population.

Mismanagement and neglect of our school buildings has been the trend, and now our administrators want more money, our hard- earned tax dollars to impress our neighboring schools when they come here to compete.

In 2013, Madison received $3,152.90 per student; Southwestern: $2,055; Switzerland County: $2,043.86; Jennings County: $2,006.83; and Scottsburg: $2,076.53

In 2013, Madison Consolidated Schools had 3,039 students. This school year it is 2,876 which is the lowest it has been in 10 years.

Of course, if you do not live in Shelby, Milton, Madison, Lancaster, Graham or Monroe townships this does not increase your taxes. If you own property in one of these townships and do not live or vote there, your taxes will be raised without your being able to have a vote (taxation without representation). But for we who live and own property in these townships, we are looking at 19 years of paying off a $40 million bond.

Before you vote, please go online and see how much this will cost you and decide if this is worth it. The calculator is from DLGF Referendum Impact Calculator -

Donna Stiver