To the editor:

As relatively new residents of Madison, we are voting "yes" on May 6 to support Madison Consolidated Schools, primarily because we consider this the best vote for the overall economic vitality and future of our community. 

We did not grow up here, and our children and grandchildren live elsewhere. So why are we supporting the referendum? What's in it for us?

Madison was our "community of choice" when we decided to retire - because of its unique historic, cultural, and recreational offerings, and because of the overall quality of life here - the same factors that many people consider when they decide to relocate.  

But this community will continue to be a community of choice only if there are clear paths for young people to explore options, to excel in their areas of strength, to move into the workforce, to raise their own families here, and to support the civic life of the community and become leaders in the future.

Industry leaders, small business owners, families with children, young professionals, retirees - all these groups are increasingly making location decisions based on where people want to live. And while no one enjoys paying more taxes, Madison will continue to be a community of choice only if we support our schools now and make them better environments in which all kids can learn and thrive.

Whether you are long-time residents or newcomers like us, we all have a stake in this community. The vote on May 6 should not be about past grievances or present complaints. It's really about our kids, their future, and the future of our community.

Valecia and Larry Crisafulli