To: Board of School Trustees

Madison Consolidated Schools

From: Nancy Bear, Larry Cummins,

Pat Dryden, Mike Robinson

Re: Grave Concerns About Corruption

We are writing this letter because our attempts to meet with you and discuss the contents of this letter have been ignored or denied. We asked for a meeting with Joyce Imel and Rob Kring (Rob agreed to meet) or a meeting with the entire Board in executive session. Board President Imel indicated it would be unethical to meet with her and board member Rob Kring. She further stated it would be illegal for our group to meet in executive session with the board. Both responses are clearly untrue and an attempt to block any direct contact and meaningful discussion with us. MCS Board Policy 167.2 clearly provides a legal and ethical platform for “necessary persons” to attend an executive session for the purpose of discussing “pending litigation.”

What is truly unethical is the Board President and the Superintendent denying us (or anyone) the right to share information that has potential legal ramifications including criminal actions and breaches of ethics by MCS employees. Ignorance is not bliss.

As a group, we have received information that may have legal ramifications, possible criminal actions and/or breaches of ethics by certain individuals connected with the school corporation. We are in possession of sworn affidavits that could implicate these individuals. If true, the following is a partial list of illegal or corrupt actions outlined in the affidavits and other information obtained:

• Efforts to halt all maintenance work at E.O. Muncie with the intent of sabotaging any possible restoration and making Anderson appear to be the only option for remodeling

• Failure to follow state statutes in project quote/bidding procedures

• Ghost employment by assigning school employees duties not related to the school which is a Level 6 felony under IC35-44.1-1-3

• Collusion of school officials to ensure certain contractors are chosen for work performed for the school corporation

• Failure of the superintendent to “develop and promulgate…guidelines for the maintenance and good order of the physical plant and for the expeditious repair of those conditions which threaten the safety of the occupants and the integrity of the plant” as stated in Board Policy 7410

• Artificially divided purchases to avoid the quoting requirements of IC5-22-8-3

We are in possession of additional and more specific information.

Because of this information we request the following:

• Suspension of the Superintendent and Director of Operations (without pay) during the ongoing investigation

• An immediate investigation by a third party to verify or refute these allegations that have been made in the sworn affidavits as well as any other findings that may occur during this investigation

• All major capital improvement projects (including the E.O. Muncie issue) be put on hold until this crisis has been resolved

• After all issues have been investigated and final conclusions made, terminate and/or file charges against any party that is found to have operated outside the scope of their authority, a violation of state law, and contrary to the school board written policy

You are receiving this letter via email. We also believe it is necessary for the community as a whole to be aware of the possible corruption within our school district. Therefore, this letter will also be released to the public.

We believe the Madison Consolidated School Board needs to develop intolerance for corrupt practices and act immediately to restore the integrity of the school corporation, and cease to hide behind false claims of ethics.