Gov. Mike Pence is expected to sign legislation that will help in the fight against methamphetamine manufacturing, sales and use.

State senators Tuesday gave final approval to a bill tightening the limits on how much consumers can buy of cold and allergy pills used to make meth. The House previously approved the bill.

The state Senate voted 43-5 in favor of lowering the annual purchase limit of pseudoephedrine-based products to about 61 grams per person. That's about an eight-month supply of the current law's monthly limit.

The bill also increases the criminal penalties for anyone convicted of buying at least 10 grams of the medicines for a meth maker.

Several police groups pushed for state law to require a doctor's prescription to buy the medicines, but the bill doesn't take that step.

This next step in the war on drugs is sensible and manageable. No, it isn't going to bring an end to the meth problem, but it sure will make it more difficult for production of the drug.

This new law and on-going education about the dangers of drug use is the correct path to take.