There are so many good things to say about the Southwestern School's proposed Community Calf Project that we're not sure where to start.

But, we'll make an effort. The project:

• Teaches the students the importance of humanity toward others;

• Teaches the students about raising livestock, and;

• Teaches the students science and veterinary skills.

The new program involves students raising young calves at a special facility at the high school until they are old enough to be turned over to a local farmer to raise until they reach maturity.

The animals will then be processed with the meat going to the Gleaners' Food Bank at Southwestern.

The need for food is great. The students should take pride in the fact that the end result of their project will be to feed hungry families. That's the humanity of the project.

In this part of the state, agriculture provides a livelihood to many families. The students will learn first-hand about raising livestock, and they will get expert assistance from farmers and veterinarians. That's the science part of the project.

This area has a strong 4-H presence, and every year we see how those boys and girls care for their animals. This program will provide another option for those youngsters living in the Southwestern district to gain more knowledge.

The program should serve as an example for other schools to adopt similar projects. Understandably, not all school districts can find space to raise livestock, but most could find a smaller plot to grow vegetables that could, in turn, be given to food banks or other charitable organizations.

Congratulations to the folks at Southwestern for creating this worthwhile project. It's a winner on many levels.