To the editor:

I applaud your editorial in Saturday's paper, "Transparency a key theme in Pence agenda."

Your decision to feature and support transparency in government (this and previous articles) suggests that The Courier agrees that this issue is broader than simply a state issue. State-level attention also would send an appropriate message to other governments across Indiana.

The Courier could take the lead in insuring that the message is delivered locally, by asking the mayor to explain publicly, why he chose the Konyha report over that of his "Blue Ribbon Panel" report on economic development.

Madison faces a crisis of transparency. All one had to do was listen to the questions raised at last Tuesday night's Council committee meeting on EDP to understand why many in the community are concerned about transparency in our local government.

Your editorial summed it up, "In democracy, it vital that the public buy into the governing process. The greater the transparency in governmental operations, the greater the public confidence and trust in the leaders and their decisions."

The Courier should take the lead in this endeavor, to report without bias, the discrepancies attributed to the mayor and his stance on EDP.

John Branigan