To the editor:

When will this STOP? The people’s voices are not being heard by the school board.

I was pleased to see that Rob Kring and Jeanne Dugle showed up to the meeting at the Brown Gym. That took guts and courage to speak their minds knowing the repercussions they will face.

Thanks to the two of them.

If Mr. Yancey has been such a poor employee, why wasn’t he let go long ago? Well its because he was doing his job. Why all of a sudden is he such a poor principal? I don’t care to see his evaluations as they are being performed by people with their own agenda. The students have rallied around him which in most cases they could care less about their principal. The students like him and have total respect for him and how he handles them. Mr. Yancey is a principal for the students not the Board or the Superintendent.

The teachers have no voice and if they do, out the door they go or are given difficult classes to handle. The teachers are frustrated and their hands are tied. The teachers need to have a voice as they are teaching the future of this country.

This town has never witnessed such problems within the school district. We should be addressing issues that face our students and how we can turn out the best education for every student. Having the students constantly upset about Mr. Yancey and all the other issues take away from education.

I do hope that the two school board members continue to do the right thing for the school and not give in as the other board members seen to have done.

Sharon Thurman