To the editor:

Domestic violence has taken another life from our community. On Feb. 17, I was one of the many people who attended the candlelight vigil for Lora Cable in Bedford, Ky. I had on my “In Memory of Laura 10-7-16 Domestic Violence Awareness” t-shirt.

It seems like yesterday I was at the Jefferson County Courthouse for Laura Russell’s candlelight vigil. In truth, it was back in October 2016. Many of Lora Cable’s family and friends read my t-shirt and talked with me. We shared each others’ pain and grief. I suggested that Lora’s family, friends and co-workers reach out and accept help from others. The help can come from churches, local mental health services or other sources. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. The friends, co-workers and, I am sure, the family of Laura Russell are keeping the family, friends and co-workers of Lora Cable in our thoughts and prayers.

This is the time to stand together to help others who are in or trying to get out of a domestic violence relationship. The Ohio River runs through our community, it does not divide us. Let us join together to decrease domestic violence.

Bert Fitzgerald