To the editor:

We as Americans demand to have our guns. Not saying that's right or wrong. The government is never going to be able to disarm us. Not saying that's right or wrong, either.

There is never going to be one big thing we can do to stop these mass killings. If a deranged killer decides he is going to do this, he'll find a way, whether it be with a gun, a bomb or poison.

Maybe we need to start looking at some little things we can do to stop these mass murders.

I have thought for years, through the 30-odd school attacks that have happened since Columbine, many of these killers are seeking fame. We give it to them. We plaster their pictures and names all over the mass media, television, Internet, books, magazines etc. We turn them into superstars.

Maybe, we should do as the ancient Egyptian pharaohs did, Strike their images and names off of everything. Give them no chance for glory or to be remembered in any way. Maybe, just maybe, this would take away some of the incentive to commit these horrendous acts.

I'm sure there is someone thinking," I'll bet I could top that..." and they know, their biggest reward for doing it is the fact that they will become famous for doing it.

Clifford Barrar