A juvenile died Tuesday after an accident at Hoffman Falls in Clifty Falls State Park.

We await details from investigators.

Hiking is a popular activity in our area. The beauty of Clifty Falls State Park and the Heritage and Hatcher Hill trails are enjoyed by residents and visitors year round.

As we head into spring, hiking is especially popular as many folks shake off the winter blahs.

Many hiking trails throughout the county are clearly marked with signs warning that it is dangerous to stray from the designated trails. But the trails are not under constant surveillance.

Every year there are incidents where individuals fall or slip and suffer injuries or even death.

Hiking can be difficult even for experienced and cautious participants. Slippery leaves, sudden drops and other hidden dangers can turn a peaceful exploration into a dangerous adventure. Caution must be emphasized.

The natural beauty of Southern Indiana is something each of us should treasure and experience. Before heading out for an enjoyable adventure make sure everyone in your party understands the hidden dangers.