To the editor:

Sometime back I was informed my recycling bags had to be clear or they would not be picked up.

Trying to find clear bags is enough of a challenge, but when you do find them you have to buy 40 of the 55-gallon size.

I duly filled the bag over a couple of months period, left it out only to find a florescent note from the authorities stating, in effect Rumpke don't want no stinkin' plastic bags.

A quick check with city officials told me the Rumpke company is now being paid to pick up our recycling, and that does not include plastic bags.

Thus one day in the future we'll see a ban on plastic bags. So it is my contention we, "America's Most Beautiful Little River Town" ban them now. Right away. Concurrently we spend some of that disposable income ($50,000) we wished to the wind on 'Branding" a few years back, and spend it on public relations.

We can tell the world, "We're progressive here in Madison, see there, we banned the plastic bag.

Bring your business to one of the most progressive cities in the country."

Five will get you ten we're not paying Rumpke any less because they're not picking up our plastic bags. They're telling us what they'll pick up and we are supposed to do a portion of the job we thought a recycling company did.

Then we can rid the city limits of cell phone usage and get even some more publicity.

Carl Hungness