Many people struggle to just keep up. Getting ahead is something they only dream about.

But they could be wrong.

The Jefferson County United Way recognizes that and will be offering a program "Getting Ahead" on March 3.

"Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World" is a program about building economic stability for people that find themselves at the lower rungs of the economic ladder. People can use what they learn from the program to build their own path to a good-paying job, stable housing and learn how to save for a rainy day and old age.

 That's something that everyone needs to consider - regardless of economic status. And, who couldn't use the help of experts in forging a successful path into the future?

During the program participants will create a plan specific to their circumstances. There will be lots of talk but very little lecturing. Getting Ahead is not a cure to all problems. But it does provide the information necessary to develop a new approach to the way one lives.

Referrals for participants are being accepted until Feb. 15. Referrals should be sent to Larry Cummins, the United Way's director of community outreach at

For more information contact Cummins a (812) 265-2036.

The program is another example of the United Way reaching out to support our community.