To the editor:

We have a history with numerous superintendents along the way as students, teachers and administrators. The good ones like Mr. Muncie and Mr. Cook, and several others left no doubt their primary concern was for the students, families and taxpayers of the district. The role these men played was important to all of us no matter where we found ourselves along the way.

As students, the good ones provided us with quality facilities, qualified teachers and safe places to learn, play and perform. The boards that guided these leaders kept in step with the desires and wishes of the families and stakeholders that elected them. Disagreement occurred at times, but boards always allowed public expression of concerns, until now.

Today, teachers have no voice because the teachers union was stripped of any semblance of a system of checks and balances. Yes, perhaps the unions were too strong and protected poor teachers at times, but now there are no checks on a superintendent who distrusts employees, and refuses input beyond superficial and token communication.

Mrs. Imel is fond of saying the current superintendent, Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger, rid the school of poor employees who had a “name in the community” or who failed miserably at their job. That is such an unfair statement. Three quality principals were asked to resign or be fired. Dozens of veteran employees with outstanding evaluations prior to the philosophical indoctrination by the current leader have left. Some were evaluated as outstanding under Mrs. Imel when she was in charge of their evaluations.

Now, many have left the profession because of hostile working conditions while others try and hold on as they are deemed average at best by an evaluation system subjectively imposed in accordance with the Bolinger mentality. That is tragic in itself. The truth is that there are so many that have left, are leaving, or are looking for other places to work because MCS has become a great place to avoid.

Mr. Glesing is so quick to say that he has done his homework and we are not privy to the facts. This is the same board member who insisted the canopy at E. O. Muncie be removed because it was unsafe despite structural engineer reports stating it was sound. It needed some repair, but structurally it was in very good shape. His selective hearing and insisting that he knew more than the trained professional leaves Muncie an eyesore. And, under his insistence, the MCS transportation department is now converting to propane despite the known issues with this fuel for buses.

Nevertheless, here we are as a community awaiting change and demanding that the elected board treat Bolinger as she has treated others. Her evaluations should reflect her record of bringing down a school system, creating an atmosphere of flight by the ones who can, and refusing to acknowledge the community’s wish for her to leave. Why has she not left? Is it because she cannot find another job as her reputation precedes her? Or is it because three board members continue to support her as the ship sinks? It is time for a change!

Michael Robinson, Nancy Bear, Larry Cummins and Pat Dryden

Retired MCS Administrators