To the editor:

The long wait is over. The new Madison-Milton Ohio River Bridge is open. One of the final parts of this massive project to be done is to complete the bridge's walkway.

There is a grassroots effort to have the walkway named in honor of Harlan and Anna Hubbard. To be clear I am talking about only the Ohio River's walkway. Harlan and Anna Hubbard touched the lives of many people in the communities on both sides of the Ohio River. They were part of both communities in so many ways. It is fitting that they should be remembered by dedicating the walkway to them.

With signs at the beginning of both sides of the walkway, we could educate so many people about this wonderful couple. The effort to get the Hubbards' name on the walkway has the backing of many people on both sides of the river. I am asking for your show of support by sending a letter to Damon Welch, mayor of Madison, Denny Jackson, mayor of Milton, Ky. and to the Indiana Department of Transportation. If needed I am willing to attend a city council meeting to present this idea. Thank you.

Robert "Bert" Fitzgerald