To the editor:

This is a letter sent to Indiana Sen. Todd Young...

Dear Senator Todd Young : I received your e-mails thanking me for contacting you on various issues. You have not addressed the issues for which I drove from Madison to your office in New Albany on 30 January 2017.

Early on, my wife and I spent several hours trying unsuccessfully to reach you by phone. After this frustration, we drove to your office and were shocked by the difficulty getting in. There was an aide to which we spoke regarding our concerns and he assured us the message would be delivered to you in Washington shortly.

I am a retired general surgeon, having spent 32 years in practice in Madison delivering health care to people in this rural area. This meant long hours and much stress because the number of physicians that choose to SERVE in rural communities is limited. I feel these areas are most endangered with major changes to ACA. Rural hospitals will have a difficult time keeping their doors open.

The other concerns we relayed to him were the role that Steve Bannon is playing in the White House staff and the failure of Donald Trump to release his tax returns, as he promised before the election.

Your e-mail reply addressed the nomination and confirmation of Ms. DeVos and the President’s executive order which were not part of our inquiry.

Regarding Ms. DeVos’ confirmation, there were many protests regarding her qualifications for her cabinet position in education. We now have a group of billionaires, many of whom have little or no experience in governing. We are aware of Ms. DeVos’ contribution to your campaign. This leads us to believe you follow the money, not the will of your constituents.

Regarding the executive order dealing with the ban on immigrant Muslims, the Federal Court system has denied the ban, indicating that even a president must obey the law and not run over the Constitution.

This is the second request to address issues you have not addressed yet even though your reply was, “Thank you for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to reach out on other issues of importance in the future.” Well, this is the second time I am ‘reaching out’ for a reply to issues of concern.

In summary, we want you to address our concerns:

1.) The Affordable Care Act, particularly how it will affect small rural hospitals and access of patients to these hospitals,

2.) Steve Bannon’s position in the White House,

3.) Donald Trump’s tax returns, and why there is no inquiry regarding this.

4.) Billionaires taking over Cabinet Posts, amid protests of many of your constituents.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply,

Leon G. Michl M.D.

Gerry L. Michl R.N.