If we were to believe what we see on television police officers would fire their weapons at least once an hour, and their trusted K-9 partners would leap into action and bring the bad guys down.

In reality, many officers retire having never fired their weapons - except at a firing range.

Make no mistake, though, police work is dangerous and stressful and when an officer reports to work, he or she never knows what dangers they might encounter.

On Monday, Clark County Deputy Chris Proctor was shot during a long standoff with a suspect who was reported to have mental issues.

Proctor was shot in the leg and a K-9 dog was killed.

Police officers will tell you that K-9 units are their partners. In a few days, new legislation will strengthen the penalties for injuring or killing a law enforcement animal.

Facing physical danger in a job does not mean you must see yourself as Superman or Wonder Woman. It means, though, that you must put fears aside to when you run into a situation in which others are running away, and consider the safety of others before your own.

We wish Deputy Proctor a speedy recovery and remind ourselves that the men and women who protect us do a fantastic job.