To the editor:

Although not specifically targeted at the positive effect Project Lead the Way (PLTW) has had within our local educational institutions, which in turn benefits our local businesses, I was pleased to see the article about PLTW on the front page of the Jan. 20 Madison Courier.  

I was also very pleased to see that SuperATV has gotten involved in such a positive way and has become a significant donor and supporter.  

Having been part of the EcO15 kickoff and a member of the original EcO15 Advisory Council, we were always looking for that needed support from our local businesses to work hand in hand with the educators.  

I find it important to also acknowledge the many other businesses and organizations who have been significant donors and supporters through the years, including those that had the foresight and dedication to begin the process and introduce PLTW to all three school systems, which became part of a foundation resulting in a broader improvement to our entire system of learning.

Those companies and organizations include Arvin Sango, the Community Foundation, Grote Industries, IKE, Ivy Tech Community College, King’s Daughters’ Hospital, Madison Precision Products, Royer Corporation, Vehicle Service Group (formerly Rotary Lift), and the three local school systems themselves. A true example of working together to achieve something special and improve our community for all.   

Jim Braun