To the editor:

Your January 3 editorial will hopefully be the last in the continued canonization of former Senator Lugar (4th editorial in the past year!). He now returns to his actual home of the past 35 years ... not in Indiana, but in Virginia. He sold his home in Indianapolis in 1977.

Compromise loses its luster as Lugar stopped representing Indiana with his real legal residence in Virginia. Jefferson County rejected that sort of "compromise" when a county commissioner was discovered to actually be living in .... Switzerland County!

Your view of compromise contradicts the U.S. Constitution about a senator living in the state he represents. ("be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.") Lugar got a pass because he was perceived as such a elder statesman.

This continues your editorial "Hall of Compromise Fame" with the favored elites of Baron Hill (who called folks questioning his support of Obamacare as "political terrorists"); Dave Cheatham (comparing his walking away from the General Assembly to military service in Afghanistan); and, Lee Hamilton (talked like Reagan here in town, but voted like Teddy Kennedy while he was in Congress).

The gratuitous swipe at Richard Mourdock showed a profound lack of journalistic or intellectual curiosity to actually interview Mourdock during his five visits to Madison. The Courier relied on three front page AP stories the week before the election to portray the current Indiana state treasurer as a wild-eyed idealogue. Oh yeah, Mourdock made ONE clumsy statement about abortion reflecting honest pro-life beliefs, but Joe Donnelly actually did compromise his own "pro-life" beliefs in his "deal with the devil" in his support of the abortion provisions of Obamacare and stimulus funding as part of the "Stupak Eight."

Reliance on the liberal Tom LoBianco in specific and the Associated Press in general to provide front page "news" is almost tragic. These are opinion pieces couched as "news" which should be on the Editorial page. That's not journalism, it's advocacy! Unfortunately this advances a specific political agenda as Pravda did in the Soviet Union or the Voelkischer Beobachter in Germany decades ago.

"... few would argue that Lugar represented our state well." I disagree. To the end, Lugar represented elites who ignore the U.S. Constitution and who view compromise of ones principles as a virtue. In his last vote, the "compromise" was the institution of $41 of new taxes for every $1 of future spending cuts... let alone the fact that this tax bill originated in the Senate and not the House ... yet another "compromise" of the Constitution!

For him, compromise was not to bring others to "our/his" side or even to meet in the middle. It was to go over to "their" side and give Obama what he wanted. Richard Lugar stayed "Obama's favorite Republican!"

All of this is the latest of the palace media to further the goal of destroying reasonable opposition to Obama by confusing reporting the news with shaping the news.

Rick Reuss