To the editor:

The mission of Madison Consolidated High School states that the school is committed to measurable, continuous improvement in promoting high achievement for all students. This mission includes a school increase scores on ISTEP+, sub group increase free/reduced lunch and special education on ISTEP+, 90 percent graduation rate, and CUB PRIDE.

Since Mr. Yancey became principal of Madison Consolidated High School, the school has gone from academic probation in 2009-2010, to C in 2010-2011, to B in 2011-12, to A in 2012-2013, back to B in 2013-2014, up to B+ in 2014-2015.

The graduation rate when Mr. Yancey came to Madison Consolidated School was 72 percent and now is at 90 percent..

But the biggest plus that has happened to Madison High School since Mr. Yancey has become principal is the relationships that he has established with the students, teachers and parents and his promotion of CUB PRIDE. This was evidenced by the support he had from the student and parent marches when it was announced by Dr. Bolinger that he was being replaced as principal.

As a former teacher at Madison, Mr. Yancey encouraged his teachers to always do their best to help students and he was always appreciative of their efforts. This encouragement and appreciation is unlike Dr. Bolinger’s attitude which includes harassment and intimidation of teachers and threats of dismissal if they disagree or speak unkindly of her. Her actions have resulted in the mass exodus of many fine educators from the Madison Consolidated Corporation.

For all of the good that Mr. Yancey has done for Madison High School, he has been rewarded by Dr. Bolinger with no raises and bad evaluations. This is not because of his lack of leadership, but his refusal to be subservient to Dr. Bolinger unlike the three subservient members of the present school board. The data shows that Madison High School is better because of Mr. Yancey’s leadership. The data also shows that Madison Consolidated School Corporation has declined in student enrollment, has declined in its relationship with students, teachers, parents and the community, and has lost many fine educators since the arrival of Dr. Bolinger.

It is obvious to me that the person that should be leaving is Dr. Bolinger and not Kevin Yancey.

Lynda O’Neal