To the editor:

Blue Lives Matter! Police have the same human heart as you and I and are the bedrock of community. If you think a community can exist as a utopia based on goodwill solely, then, you are remarkably sadly mistaken. In the past several months officers have been killed and attempts have been made on their lives by killers and would-be killers claiming they’re reacting to police abuse and/or radical religious influences. Is it possible they’re sadistic animals with no regard for that same human heart?

Police face protesters with unbridled emotionalism demonstrating against everything from legitimate cause to chocolate milk. Many wear all-black with hooded masks like they’re some brand of urban desperados. They throw rocks, Molotov cocktails, debris, wield baseball bats/clubs, smash windows, destroy property while they arson, loot and plunder all under the guise of justified rage. It’s the innocent law-abiding taxpayer that, of course, foots the bill for this public vandalism. You can demonstrate without destruction!

If law enforcement is eliminated or otherwise made ineffective democracy dissolves into tribalism and, yes, perhaps even barbarism. Then would come the dictators with their good buddies the drug lords and human traffickers. It is here that the weak, the meek and the most innocent — our children and seniors — would be the most forsaken and first exploited.

Madison/Jefferson Co. supports and appreciates our police agencies.

William M. Warren