To the editor:

On Feb. 15, Indiana House Bill 1014 was put on the agenda for a vote in committee. This is a bill that requires redistricting reform, eliminating gerrymandering. This reform is law in a majority of states. It is important legislation with broad support. It would prevent legislators from drawing their own districts, a process which allows elected representatives to pick their voters instead of voters picking their elected representatives.

The bill had the votes to pass, moving out of committee to the general legislature. Hundreds of Hoosiers came out to show their support for the bill and dozens testified in its favor. Rep. Milo Smith blocked a vote. He did not allow the bill to leave committee. Milo Smith did not represent his constituents, but his own special interests.

Rep. Smith has one more opportunity to get House Bill 1014 out of committee to the legislature, where the full House can debate the bill. Rep. Smith, do the right thing for Hoosiers and allow a vote.

Robyn Ryle