To the editor:

America wouldn't exist without our veterans. We celebrate Independence Day, Memorial Day, D-Day, Flag Day, etc. Had we no veterans none of these could be remembered.

Cindy Berry wrote in The Madison Courier, "Where has our patriotism gone" ... "Stand up and cheer for the USA flag." and "Let everyone know we value our freedom and our liberty."

America has veterans that fought heroically and suffered miserably in battle, as POWs and that struggle with physical, mental and emotional ordeals to this day. Many Jefferson County residents gave up their lives for the USA.

Now, 40 veterans (some critics say hundreds) have died awaiting Veteran's Administration medical care. Veterans that served this country honorably and heroically died waiting for this country to serve them! This is a horrific tragedy and a loathsome farce.

Federal investigators found altered waiting lists, improper scheduling, records falsifications and, if proven, the grossest injustice: supervisor retaliation against thirty-seven whistle blowers.

In fairness and in fact VA medical care is among the best in the world if you can get past admittance barriers. But VA problems are not rare and isolated. Remember a few years ago the unsanitary/unsafe conditions in several VA hospitals and the thousands of VA client records that were security breached?

Mr. Obama, instead of releasing five Taliban terrorists please give our veterans your focused attention and concern.

William Warren