When was the last time you told your mother you love her? Shame on you if you don't do it often. There is no better time than now to do just that. Sunday is Mother's Day - the one day set aside each year to honor and thank our mothers for all that they've meant to us.

Of course, honoring our moms one day a year isn't nearly enough. If your mother is like most, a day hasn't passed since you were born that she hasn't thought about you.

Funny thing about moms is that they never relinquish the job even though it doesn't pay well. It must be the great benefits ... watching children grow from infancy to adulthood and then creating new generations for grandma to love.

From the time we are born through our teen years and into adulthood, moms always seem to have the right answers even though children don't come with instruction manuals.

Mom knows how to make a hurt feel better ... Mom knows how to brighten a bad day with a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies ... Mom knows how to help us when we, ourselves, become parents ... Mom patiently teaches us things long after we foolishly believed we knew it all.

But being a mom also can have its heartbreak. This year we offer our prayers to the mothers who lost their children in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and from other acts of violence or accidents or illness.

Moms deserve so much more than just one special day each year.

It would be hard for any of us to really pay back all we owe to our mothers. But once a year, on her day, we try.

So, to all those Moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!