Yes, Virginia ... There are nice people in this world.

Despite all of the bad news you've seen on television and read in the newspaper this past week, you need to know that most of the people in the world are fine, decent beings.

We could tell you stories of acts of kindness by people across the nation. But we'll start by telling you a few stories we heard right here in Jefferson County.

Steve McAtee, who owns a local auto repair business, called the other day to tell us about a kind person who left a Christmas card and $20 bill under the windshield wiper of an older car parked near his shop on Clifty Drive.

The car, however, belonged to McAtee. He bought the car for salvage and uses it to run errands.

We suspect the kind person who left the money believed it was going to a person who needed a little boost of kindness this Christmas season.

McAtee passed along the money to a charity.

Then, there is the story of the Southwestern students who randomly delivered cookies to people in Hanover.

Some folks, of course, were suspicious, but the kids had only good intentions. They wished to bring some Christmastime joy to people they didn't even know.

That, Virginia, is why we chose to believe that we'll be OK.

There are too many nice, decent folks out there who always pick us up when we're feeling down.