To the editor:

Mr Trump, Mr Pence, and 50 Senate Republicans MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Your final flush of public education will demand a  total redirection of resources. Betsy DeVos is only skilled and hired for public education’s complete demise. ASK DETROIT ! What now?

1. You vetted the swamp into Trump’s billionaires cesspool? YES!

2. Your furor’s Trumponomics dictates that gangs in Chicago and Detroit will disarm and  start producing widgets at minimum wage. NOT!

3. You expect that  China will exit the  South China Sea territories and honor new bilateral trade agreements. NOT!

4. You demand Mexico and Central America will build Trump’s wall and sign new trade agreements that lowers their standard of living even more. NOT!

5. With  Trump,  Russia will vacate war ravished Crimea, leave Syria and demand along with NATO that dictator Assad resign. Also, Demand Putin stop killing adversaries in government and the press. NOT!

6. Your Travel bans, pipelines, charter schools (stealing my tax dollars for private and religion - even Islamic schools), health care for the poor, All things  domestic. You will make our free press “shut up.” YES!

Things he can destroy in America, he will. Don’t expect other countries to be congenial as our thoughtless legislators are on domestic issues. The last line of defense against Trump’s coup appears to have rolled over.

And if you do not like it... just “shut up and listen.”

Marc Gray