As we prepare to watch the 2014 Olympics from Sochi, Russia, over the next two weeks, we'd like to think that the games will bring people from divergent nationalities together in peace.

Certainly, there is some of that, but it seems as if the Sochi venue has made it clear that not all nations believe all people are created equal.

We've heard much of Russia's anti-gay policy, to the point that some athletes fear for their safety.

Now, a warning has been issued that explosives inside toothpaste tubes could find their way onto planes headed for Sochi.

Terrorists don't take a vacation during the Olympics.

Still, we believe in the value of the Olympics beyond the athletic events. Competition on the field of play can be fierce, but at the end of the game, everyone can go home in one piece, hopefully, with a greater appreciation of other cultures and a firmer grasp of what it means to be a member of the human race.

We look forward to watching today's opening ceremony. Enthusiastic athletes will march into an arena sporting their nation's colors. For the vast majority of those athletes, the Olympics aren't about politics.

We hope there comes a day when the Olympics really aren't about politics. That's going to take an Olympian effort by the world's leaders.